The Well and JN’s 36 Under 36: Aaron L. Rosenhaus

Aaron L. Rosenhaus, 34, of Detroit, is the COO of Uniland Corporation, a real estate development and construction company. He was recognized as 2017 Young Builder of the Year and 2018 Urban Builder by the Home Builders Association.

Aaron prides himself as a dedicated champion for the continued growth and development in the city of Detroit. His ties to the Motor City date back all the way to 1926, when his great-grandfather, Sol Rosenhaus, started their family business Downtown.

When Aaron, a fourth-generation builder, joined Uniland Corporation, he made it a priority for Uniland to continue its investment in the city where it all began. As a result, Uniland is proud to have completed projects in 12 Detroit neighborhoods over the past five years; specializing in the restoration and renovation of multifamily properties, with many new projects on the horizon.

Aaron, a proud member of Federation’s National Young Leaders, is able to use NYL to further his involvement with the Jewish community in local and global outlets. He is also a proud cheerleader of The Well and recently acknowledged as one of the inaugural 36 Champions.

This certainly is not the beginning for Uniland or Aaron in Detroit, but a continuation of a 92-year history, doing his part to improve a city and community in which has provided so much to Aaron, Uniland and the Rosenhaus family.