2018 Distinguished Service Award Urban Home Building

Aaron Rosenhaus prides himself as a dedicated champion for the continued growth and development in the city of Detroit. Working daily within the city, he runs the Uniland team as COO, alongside his father, Rex, CEO. Aaron’s ties to the Motor City date back to 1926, when his great-grandfather, Sol Rosenhaus, started Uniland downtown.

When Aaron, a fourth-generation builder, decided to move on from his post-college construction career in California and join the Uniland ranks, he made it a priority for Uniland to continue its investment in the city where it all began. As a result, Uniland is proud to have completed projects in 12 Detroit neighborhoods over the past five years; specializing in the restoration and renovation of multifamily properties, with many new projects on the horizon.

“We proudly maintain our 92-year-old tradition of development and construction, while pivoting our efforts to the multifamily industry. Through the renovation of our own multifamily properties, we developed a construction process specifically for the renovation of apartment units. Many of our current projects are in Detroit where we love the challenge of creating a more functional space for residents, while maintaining the eclectic aesthetics of 60 to 110-year-old buildings. One of the most exciting aspects of each renovation project, especially of older buildings, is the ever-changing and unique challenges each structure presents, and the teamwork needed to successfully come up with solutions,” Aaron said. “We’re not just builders, but very skilled problem solvers.”

Uniland has completed the renovation of hundreds of units over the last six years and is slotted to complete another 200 units in the next 12 months. “With every project, we aim to maintain our excellence as multi-family renovation experts,” said Aaron.

Aaron’s passion does not stop at building projects. He is also focused on raising industry outreach within the city, while highlighting project and employment opportunities to builders and developers who don’t currently have a footprint in the city. Most recently, he was named as the Chairperson for HBA’s Detroit Builder Forum. He has taken on this new position with great excitement.

“It is my goal for this forum to continue to be an impactful conduit between city leaders and our builder/developer community. My drive to maximize the impact of this forum is fueled by my passion for our industry within the city, and my respect for and admiration of past Chairperson, Bill Phillips, and all he has accomplished. He is a mentor and a brilliant example of leadership within our industry.”

“There are opportunities for us all to take advantage of, and bring value to not only our bottom line, but to the communities we work in.” A triple bottom line is a Uniland value which Aaron has adopted through the guidance of his father. Aaron also works with the youth of Detroit as a board member of the Construction Trades Advisory Committee at the Randolph Career Technical High School, where he works with other board members and teachers to assist in programming and student development. Additionally, Uniland is thrilled to be currently building two tiny homes for Cass Community Social Services, working with HBA to give these homes to low-income residents. This certainly is not the beginning for Uniland or Aaron in Detroit, but a continuation of a 92-year history, doing his part to improve a city in which has provided so much to Aaron, Uniland, and the Rosenhaus family. n