About Us

Uniland is a proud family-owned and operated community builder since 1926. As our business continues to evolve and expand, our philosophy continues to be based on the idea of shared success – your success is our success. This dedication to our partners and clients has given us invaluable expertise in the construction and property management industry.

  • In The Beginning
    Founding President Sol Rosenhaus built one of the world’s first conveyor-belt semi-automated car washes in the 1930’s in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Leaders In Innovation
    In 1967, past President Mel Rosenhaus broke ground on Hunter’s Ridge, a residential gated-community; the first of its kind in the Midwest. Later phases of the development completed construction of Hunters Square Shopping Center and Tally Hall; which showcased the Midwest’s first food court.
  • Where We Stand Today
    Now led by President Rex Rosenhaus, Uniland offers many services, including construction, multifamily renovation, property management, construction consulting and energy solutions. Currently Uniland is working on a new single family home development, multifamily and multi-use developments, multifamily renovation and property management in Michigan and Texas.